Foundation blocks - the story of a small miracle
Технические характеристики

This small miracle with foundation blocks occurred in the summer in Gorno-Altaisk in 1996.
Alexander Kholmogorov was then the head of the local Orthodox Church.
On the site of the future church, or rather the church, on the mountain near the Telecentre, we were allocated land for construction.
There we took out a lot of foundation blocks, 5-rinks and 6-ryki.
I remember that there were a lot of foundation blocks - several "Tatras", because they contained more blocks than in "Kamaz", they could take out more by weight. Therefore, there were many blocks. I remember that the architect Alexei Afanasievich Sinelnikov said that among the pines we should put the Temple of the Virgin, where the virgin purity and integrity, the divine spirit would be reflected.

Then the plans changed. Unexpectedly, thanks to the help of the chief architect of the city, Sergei Bozhenko, we were given a place in the geographical center of the city, where the construction of the temple is now taking place. I remember when I talked to Alexei Afanasievich by phone, he lived in Ukraine, as now. He asked:

- Describe the place where the temple will be.

I said:

- Among the 5 and 9-storey houses.

He replied:

"Then the church must enter the city like a queen." This is a mature, courageous woman.

We had to remove the foundation blocks from the mountain to a new location, but there was no money. So would these blocks be unknown, how long, but one day, in the spring, my wife Mary went to the dacha with two assistants to dig the beds. And just drove past the place where the foundation blocks lay. She explained to the companions that this is the place where they were going to build. Suddenly, out of the window, she saw that KATO was safely loading our units into KAMAZ.

While they reached the place from the stop, neither the "Kamaz", nor the crane, nor the blocks, were already there. I went to the police, wrote a statement about the theft. I remember young opera guys sympathizing, they promised to help, but they said: "How it will turn out ...", - years were dashing.

The next day they called:

- Come on.

I came. They gave me a pen and paper.

- Write a statement:

"I, (FIO), I come to the construction site.


They say: "Where do you bring your blocks?"


I say:


"Of course, to a new place!"


I come to the construction site in the early morning, and there, from nowhere, lie the foundation blocks. I ask you to withdraw my application. Number, signature »

The opera guys say:

- We drove through the cottages and found your blocks. There are far from the last people of the city turned out. Said, give, just do not raise the noise.

Thus, unexpectedly found the means for transporting the foundation blocks from the old place to the new one. I came to the construction site, and there, from nowhere, neatly laid lay our foundation blocks - all to one, in complete safety.