Concrete - the main stages of the production process
Технические характеристики

Let us consider the main stages of production (in parentheses, the notation on the diagram, which is attached to the description):

Inert materials "sand, crushed stone, expanded clay ..." enter the hopper hopper (01) from where they enter the weighing conveyor, then in certain quantities they pour into the skip of the concrete mixer (02), then the inert materials get into the mixer MF-1.125 TURBO (03) (Which stands on the maintenance site (04)). There also concrete cement is delivered to the mixer MF-1.125 TURBO (03) through the cement feeding screws (05) and with the help of the cement weigher (06) is poured into the inside, water is added by means of an automatic water dispenser (07).

Then, when all the mixers got into the mixer MF-1.125 TURBO (03), it is put into operation, mixes all the components into a homogeneous mass - concrete, and on an inclined belt conveyor of concrete (08) this mass is transferred to a stationary press of the UNIVERSAL SYNCRO (A1 ), Where the pressing of products from concrete into special mold presses (supplied by the manufacturer of the automated line). From under the stationary press UNIVERSAL SYNCRO (A1) on the technological pallets (pallets are manufactured by the customer of the automated line in Russia) there are pressed products (brick, paving slab, lawn stone, etc.)

The pallets with pressed products are moved by the pallet feeder (A2) through the conveyor of the pallets (B1), where they pass through the brush to remove the chamfer (B2) (i.e., the products are cleaned of the surplus solution - concrete) and are delivered to the elevator by 10 levels (B3) , As soon as he accumulates ten rows of pallets, a 10-level stacker (C) picks them up and transports them to the first drying chamber (13 chambers) that the line customer needs to build on site.