Concrete - the main stages of the production process (2)
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Then a 10-level stacker (C) from the second drying chamber takes out pallets with dried products that were pressed in the last shift (ie 24 hours ago) and delivers them to the sink to 10 levels (B4), which in turn (B5), this conveyor moves the pallets with the products to the electronic stacker (D) where the pallets are freed from the dried products and move further along the line where they are being cleaned with a pallet brush (B6), the pallet tilting ( B7) and moistening of Pallet duster (B9). Then the pallets arrive on the pallet feeder (B8) from where they come again to the press and the cycle is re-charged.

The finished products, in turn, come from the electronic stacker (D) (which adds the products to the pallet, they come from the pallets storage (F)) along the roller conveyor (E) to the horizontal strapping machine mod. FH-2900, she binds the products for transportation and then the products are sent to the storage and sale area, or transported to the column press E-600, which splits brick or other products into two or more parts at the order of the company's cli- ent.

All processes are controlled from the operator (built in the shop where the automated line will be installed), where a computer for this line is installed with special software and control panels (09, G1). These control panels (09, G1) fully automate and control the production process from the initial stage and to the export of finished products on the transport pallets to the storage and sale area.