Concrete on high-strength crushed stone fr. 5 - 20 (M-150 V 12.5)
Технические характеристики

LLC "Minpol" produces concrete products, as well as concrete of a wide range of brands and classes.

One of the most popular brands of concrete is the brand M - 150 V 12.5.

This is a concrete on high-strength aggregate fraction of 5 - 20 mm for supporting parts of reinforced concrete structure.

Many years of experience, the presence of components of concrete in the warehouse, proper equipment and a mixer park, allow us to always quickly execute your order and deliver concrete precisely in time.

Similarly, the system of quality control of concrete, introduced for the needs of its own production, guarantees the high quality and conformity of concrete to the standards GOST, and for our customers.

Large volumes of production, narrow specialization and the presence of their own equipment and auto-mixers - make it possible to offer you the best price for concrete of any brands.

The current price for concrete on high-strength crushed stone fr.5 - 20 (M - 150 V 12.5), you can find out by downloading our price list.