Waste concrete in high quality fr. 5 - 20 (M - 200 15 W4)
Технические характеристики

Ltd. "Minpol" produces concrete products, as well as a variety of concrete marks for classes.

One of the most popular brands of concrete is the brand M - 200 15 W4.

This wasteful fragile particles of fractions 5 - 20 mm of fragments for reinforcing concrete structures.

Years of experience, availability of concrete parts of the stock, personal oil tank equipment in the park, allowing you to always be able to complete your order and release the concrete at a time.

The same is the concrete system of quality control, working for personal needs of their high quality certification and concrete compliance with our GOST standards for our customers.

Large rolls of production, one and its own automated and automatic oil tanks - make it possible to provide you with the best price on the most attractive brand.

The actual price for this high-quality concrete to be a waste in 5 - 20 (M - 200 15 W4), you can get by downloading our price - list.