Rubble Fr.5 ductile concrete - 20
Технические характеристики

Brand M - 250 20

Ltd. "Minpol" concrete products, and concrete grade and produces a wide range of classes.

250 20 - Concrete is the most popular brand to a brand M.

Reinforced concrete structure, part of flat 20 mm - part 5 in the ductile concrete Rubble.

Experience years, solid components in stock, the availability of their equipment and mixers park, we always complete your order quickly and allows you to save time solid.

One solid quality control system, and their own production guarantees high quality for our customers GOST standards compliance with the requirements of the implementation of concrete.

Production, expertise and its own equipment and the availability of large amounts of auto Mixers - all brands that you have the best value for the concrete to make it possible to provide.

Rubble fr.5 to high-strength concrete to the actual value - 20 (M - 20 250), you can find the download of our price - list