Concrete on fr.5 grass gum - 20
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LLC "Minpol" produces a specific product, as well as a wide range of specific classes and lessons.

One of the most popular brands of concrete is the brand M - 250 20 W4.

This stubble concrete grass is for fractions of 5 to 20 mm to carry parts of reinforced concrete structures.

The experience of the year, the availability of specific ingredients in the warehouse, own equipment and Harper's park, allow us to always fulfill your order and deliver at a specific time.

The same is the quality control system that is implemented for the needs of high quality of their production warranties and specific compliance with GOST standards for our customers.

Large volumes of production, specialization and access to own equipment and Auto-Mixers - to make it possible to offer you the best price concrete for all brands.

The actual price of high strength concrete and rubble fr.5 - 20 (M - 250 20 W4), you can find out by downloading our price list