High Concrete Refugees
Технические характеристики

Symbol M-300 22.5

Warm "Minpol" concrete products, and also produces a wide variety of concert classes and classrooms.

One of the most popular brands of Concert M-300 22.5.

20 million meters on the surface of the pistols and structures - deduction 5 These ductile concrete canals.

Years experience, specific sections of the selection, availability of your equipment and home park, allow us to always give you your order and submit concrete timing.

The same system control system integrates the quality of your product with higher quality and concrete requirements for compliance with the gost standards for our clients.

Large volume available for production, expertise and your equipment and utensils - this is likely to cost you the best of all the specialist concrete.

High-Speed ​​Refugees fr.5 Concrete Facts - 20 (M-300 on 22.5) - The list that you can make our price is lost by.