M Concrete - 350 B25 P4 W4
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type M - 350 B25 P4 W4

Ltd. "Minpol" to find concrete products, as well as a wide range of grades and classes of cement.

One type of the most popular of the cement type M - 350 B25 P4 W4.

This damage ductile concrete on particles of 5 - 20 mm for carrying out part of strengthening concrete structures.

Years of experience, the availability of parts and cement products, resources and mixers park, allow us to fulfill immediately all the time your order and deliver the cement at a time.

The same process cement manage, perform for the needs of their own to justify the production of high quality and comply with concrete and GOST standards for our customers.

volume big productions, specialization and availability of its own equipment and car-mixers - can offer the best on the cement of all types.

The actual price of the concrete strength-high rubble fr.5 - 20 (T - 350 B25 P4 W4), can be obtained by downloading our price - list.